I fist pumped with the best of Em last night as Pauly D spun the records at Gossip Nightclub. Video will be up tommorrow. Photos available now,  Click the thumbnails.  Read my event review by clicking  CONTINUE READING.

You could smell the hairspray in the air and the cleavage was as jacked up as the crowd. Fist pumping fever was in Vancouver and I had it! Jersey Shore fans were lined up thirty minutes before the doors opened at Gossip Nightclub on Pacific Blvd. The crowd poured in despite the fact that DJ Pauly D (Delvecchio) did not take the stage till around midnight.

The roar as Pauly D walked on stage was staggering. The stream of women rushing the stage DTF was the highlight of the night. One after another they were peeled down by security as they attempted to scale the barrier to get their hands on the original Guido. Pauly D was his most animated at this point of the night, with remarks like “oh you got caught!” At one point he responded to the crowds cheers “that’s why I love Canada” later I think he gave a shout out to Victoria? It could have been a slip of the tongue or he may not have known where he was.

Gossip is a great venue. It is massive with easily accessible bars and a grand entrance, with ATM and coat check. The staff and security is top notch but the lines to the washrooms were longer than those into the event. At one point as I squeezed by the women’s line to the men’s room a woman exited, while wiping her mouth I jokingly asked, “Is the line up to Pauly D’s Dressing room?” Complete with good lighting and sound I would defiantly check out other events at Gossip.

The fans were surely at Gossip to see Pauly D; the talent of the Popular MTV show Jersey Shore, rather than Pauly D the talented DJ. Towards the end of the night I noticed that the crowd was standing around more than actually dancing. I came across several people muttering both before and during the main act that they were bored. Many were leaving the venue early while others seemed “DTF the night away.” I wonder if they thought the event was worth the $50-60 asking price. Pauly D played mainly top 40 music and even “dropped some Bieber and got away with it, OH- YEAH”. Affirming that he is a great character on television with impenetrable hair, whom also happened to be a DJ with a flashy laptop.

Check out the awesome photo album of the Jersey Shore ensemble as they made an appearance and mingled with fans at the Pauly D Concert January 26, 2011

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